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Events[Forum Event]BASE SHOWCASE

For a soldier in campaign, the military base becomes a second home, and in many cases covers all their needs. Many contain installations for recreation, sports, dining, and even schooling or health care. Let alone the training camps, shooting range, HQ and standard military building that are expected to be found in any decent base.
Read More2016 08 24 [GMT]

Tutorial[Forum Event] Supreme commander

​The Commanders that decided to join the Liberators battlefield are masters of their own areas of expertise, but a select few managed to reach the highest rank their forces had to offer!
Read More2016 08 24 [GMT]

StrategyGold! Don't wage war without it!

Reap the sunlight of the earth and use its glimmer as another weapon against the enemy.
Read More2016 08 24 [GMT]

UpdateLiberators Update: Supreme Commander

We’re bringing you more of the same Liberators action you’ve grown to know and love! This week, we’re introducing new Commander, Marlene Dietrich, as well as a whole new way for you to get your hands on CPs, the Commander Briefing system!
Read More2016 08 24 [GMT]

TutorialCommander Marlene Dietrich

Born just a few days after Christmas 1901, Marie Magdalene Dietrich was destined for stardom. Today, she’s largely remembered as the first German Hollywood star. In addition to her status as a celebrity, she has a place reserved in military history for her invaluable contribution to the WWII war effort!
Read More2016 08 19 [GMT]


Soldiers around the world, this is the time to prove yourself! The opportunity to show your skills mastered after fierce battles, the might of your battle scarred army and the countless hours spent on the training ground reaching the very limits of human capacities. The moment when you can claim the highest title, the Champion of all Liberators, has arrived.
Read More2016 08 18 [GMT]

AnnouncementLiberators New languages

We welcome all the Turkish and Arabic speaker soldiers. Liberator in your language is ready for battle! This week we introduce the two new languages for soldiers all around the world. More languages are on the way and will be added soon!
Read More2016 08 18 [GMT]

AnnouncementLiberators New Decorations September

The Second World War was a perilous era. The entire world was focused on annihilating enemies and putting an end to destruction to restore freedom. Celebrations were scarce, and events like the Famous Oktoberfest were canceled during the time of war.
Read More2016 08 17 [GMT]

Events[Event] BOND DRIVE

"Are you ready for an offer that will make your soldiers reach the next level of might? Participate in our BOND DRIVE event and you could win up to 80 Giant Ammo boxes and 20k oil! Join the event today! See you on the battlefield!
Read More2016 08 16 [GMT]


During the first and Second World Wars, the need for stronger fortifications, to protect the artillery crews, store ammunition or supplies, result into the development and perfection of the Bunker. From the Scots word “Bench” the bunkers started as dug shelters in World War I, becoming a key structure for defense.
Read More2016 08 15 [GMT]

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