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AnnouncementLiberators - Start of the Month Update

The Liberators battlefield provides the best multiplayer online games, a whole new way for players to engage with this most fascinating and terrifying point in recent history.
Read More2016 09 08 [GMT]

AnnouncementLiberators New languages

We welcome all the Turkish and Arabic speaker soldiers. Liberator in your language is ready for battle! This week we introduce the two new languages for soldiers all around the world. More languages are on the way and will be added soon!
Read More2016 08 18 [GMT]

AnnouncementLiberators New Decorations September

The Second World War was a perilous era. The entire world was focused on annihilating enemies and putting an end to destruction to restore freedom. Celebrations were scarce, and events like the Famous Oktoberfest were canceled during the time of war.
Read More2016 08 17 [GMT]

AnnouncementLiberators Update: New Weekly Gameplays

We're coming at you with a new update! Keep your eyes peeled for more details for the new features in the following weeks! The avenues for novelty and excitement just don't stop on the Liberators battlefield! What to look forward to!: - Gameplay mode Tank Destroyer - Gameplay mode Lone Warrior - Bunker Assault event - Higgins Boat and Liberty Bell decoration can be obtained as event reward - Getting 1st place in Cross Server Arena Conscript, Guard, Airborne, Veteran, Elite leagues gives a Title as reward. - New vehicles for Lend-lease gameplay.
Read More2016 08 05 [GMT]

AnnouncementLibearators Brand New Update!

We're coming at you with a small, but important update! It will only be uploaded to S1 - Cobra, with the other servers following suit in the coming days. Keep your eyes peeled for articles this week with more details! The avenues for novelty and excitement just don't stop on the Liberators battlefield!
Read More2016 07 21 [GMT]

AnnouncementRelic System!

Are your armies composed of highly-skilled vets with insanely high levels? Is the very name of your army enough to scare obedience in to your foes? Are you looking for a new way to crush your enemies in battle? Well look no further!
Read More2016 07 01 [GMT]

AnnouncementLiberators Wikia

Heads up soldiers! It’s time for a great way to earn some of the best rewards we’ve given out yet!
Read More2016 06 17 [GMT]

AnnouncementDream Team

Does your team have what it takes to make bring a victorious and glorious conclusion to WW2?
Read More2016 06 03 [GMT]

AnnouncementIntroducing a new Commander

“If there is a strong general, there will be no weak soldiers.”
Read More2016 05 20 [GMT]

AnnouncementInvasion of Africa

Taking place between June 1940 and May 1943, the North African campaigns were a series of grisly battles for the fate the future of Europe, the Mediterranean, and possibly even the planet.
Read More2016 05 20 [GMT]
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