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EventsCrack the German Code

Bletchley Park in England was one of the foundational homes of modern decryption. By convincing the Axis leaders that their target was Pas de Calais–the narrowest point between Britain and France, they freed up the coasts of Normandy for a smoother landing.
Read More2016 07 15 [GMT]

EventsRush to the frontlines soldiers!

Starting tomorrow we're holding a special ingame event! For a limited time only Turning Points is delivering a 50% bonus to all our diligent soldiers! Get your rewards today!
Read More2016 07 11 [GMT]

EventsBattle of Stalingrad

This would be perhaps THE defining battle of the war. The Russians hailed it as the contemporary "battle of Cannae." The Germans called it Rattenkrieg or "rat war."
Read More2016 07 06 [GMT]

EventsNew Base Monuments

Join Liberators in celebrating the Month of Freedom!
Read More2016 06 22 [GMT]

EventsHeads up, soldiers!

It’s time for another vote for our hardworking and beleaguered Commanders.
Read More2016 05 13 [GMT]

EventsLiberators Event: TOTAL BR Ranking

The time has come to celebrate the few, the proud, the Total BR Champions! It's time to pit the total might of your entire legion against other dedicated Generals in the ultimate test of might.
Read More2016 04 29 [GMT]

EventsAlliance Championship!

Alliance Championship is coming!
Read More2016 03 20 [GMT]
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