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Imagine that you’re a normal German soldier on the front lines in Russia doing what you think is your best for your country and then you’re injured. What would you do during convalescence? Would you write home to your family to tell them how you were feeling? Would you get around to reading those books you’d been putting off for the past few years? What about learning to become one of the best sharp-shooters in history? That’s exactly what Josef “Sepp” Allerberger did. And history remembers him for it.
Read More2016 07 27 [GMT]

Events[Event]Special Sale

Come one, come all, and get your hands on the Special Sale Gift Pack!
Read More2016 07 26 [GMT]

Events[Event]LUCKY WHEEL!

Back by popular demand is the LUCKY WHEEL! For our hardworking soldiers on S37-S52, we're bringing back the wheel so that they can participate for excellent prizes! Throw your hat in the ring to win a 3-Star Commander Häyhä as well as a National D-Day Memorial to decorate your base. But it's only available from July 23rd - 24th! So don't miss your chance! Take your spin now!
Read More2016 07 22 [GMT]

Events[Event]Commando Campaign

​Calling all civilians! We're in need of a few good men (and women) who are apt to volunteer for "service of a hazardous nature," as advertised by Churchill. These brave citizens later became known as the Commandos, brave and fearless, with nothing to offer to their country but their life.
Read More2016 07 21 [GMT]

Events[Event]DOUBLE REWARDS for Turning Points

Stay sharp, soldiers, we've got another gift for you!
Read More2016 07 21 [GMT]


Time to switch into gear and collect great rewards!
Read More2016 07 20 [GMT]

Events[Event]Heads up soldiers!

Time to switch into gear and raid some cities!
Read More2016 07 18 [GMT]

Events[Event]Strategy Submissions!

We want to hear what your favorite strategies are to imploy on the Liberators Battlefield!
Read More2016 07 15 [GMT]

Events[Event]Recharge Blowout!

​Get into gear and get ready to support your troops!
Read More2016 07 15 [GMT]

Events[Event]Are you feeling lucky, soldier?

We're bringing the lucky wheel back for your pleasure and this time the stakes are higher than ever! In addition to the normal goods like gold, supplies, oil, etc. big timers can compete for the highest prize of them all, 100 Simo Hayha CPs!
Read More2016 07 15 [GMT]
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