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Events[Event]Bond Drive

Are you ready for an offer that will make your soldiers reach the next level of might? Participate in our BOND DRIVE event and you could win up to 20 Large Medal Display, 300k Gold, 150k Supplies, &10k oil! Join the event today!
Read More2016 08 09 [GMT]

Events[Event] West Wall

Heads up soldiers! Westwall gameplay mode is coming back with a top prize of 100 Barbara CP and Unconditional Surrender decoration. Use Allies Commanders to crush the Westwall and reach the highest damage. Available this time for servers S1-S48. Stay tuned and we'll see you on the battlefield!
Read More2016 08 08 [GMT]


In a conflict as vast and complex as was WWII, great generals needed to strategize in advance. For every situation they faced, every possibility had to be calculated, and all the possible outcomes had to be taken into account in the plan. Your mission this time general, is to look and analyze the picture below and write a micro story based on it. An intense moment, only a few seconds to decide your next action, and the result would be life or dead. How did it happen? What did they do? Why? And who did it? Any possibility will be accepted, and everyone can be a protagonist. You can be the pilot, the crew, the enemy or even a stowaway looking for a free ride. A few examples
Read More2016 08 05 [GMT]

Events[Event]Lucky wheel

Lucky wheel
Read More2016 08 05 [GMT]

Events[Guide]Tank destroyer

The tank destroyers forces were some of the most effective strategies that the United States and its allies used to seek, strike and destroy hostile armored units. They were created in 1941 at a conference specifically for unit tank tactics. In May that year, General George. C. Marshal, LT. Col. Andrew D. Bruce and Brigadier General Lesley J. McNair took action and mobilized the specialized battalions. The units were equipped with towed 37mm anti-tank guns and 75mm guns mounted on half tracks ( M3 GMC). They were used in the North African theater, Sicily and Italy, Northwest Europe and the Pacific campaign where they proved very versatile and efficient.
Read More2016 08 02 [GMT]


Liberators is coming at you with another huge recharge blowout! This time we're trying to get care packages from home straight to camp to make sure our soldiers are well taken care of. Get gifts worth $50 for your contribution! For the rest of August, get an extra bang for your buck! Get some goods like war bonds, chocolates, deceptive tactics, draft tickets, and pocket watches for our men in uniform! What are you waiting for? Support your troops now!
Read More2016 08 01 [GMT]

Events[Event]Maginot event

Attention soldiers! Gear up your Axis fighters for Great Rewards!
Read More2016 08 01 [GMT]


Time to hunt Axis enemies and collect great rewards! We'll be offering twice the bounty for each victory with the DOUBLE HEADHUNTERS REWARDS event this Saturday! Don't just stand there! Complete the missions and collect your rewards!
Read More2016 07 29 [GMT]

Events[Event]Show your best V-ictory

​ August is a month of celebration for all our soldiers. In August 15, 1945, the surrender of Japan was announced, bringing a definite end to World War 2. The hearts of millions around the world was filled with a mix of joy and sadness, for the victory achieved, and in memory of the countless lives lost. In liberators we join the celebration with a special event for all our players. Reply to this post with a picture of the letter “V” made with anything you can find in your room. Toy figures, people, keyboards, pens, your cats, the possibilities are endless, and you just need to show a clear “V”. Include your in-game player name, your id (you can obtain your id by writing “/id” in the global chat) and server number.
Read More2016 07 29 [GMT]

Events[Event] BOND DRIVE

Are you ready for an offer that will make your soldiers reach the next level of might? Participate in our BOND DRIVE event and you could win up to 2k EXP, 400k Gold, 150k Supplies, &5k oil! Join the event today!
Read More2016 07 28 [GMT]
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