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Events[Liberators Guide]Commander Briefing

Your commanders need more stars to advance in the ranks, and there’s only one way to get them to them! Getting your Commanders more CPs is the best way to get their stats in shape for the final victory! Commander CPs are the best way (and the only way besides draft tickets) to get more top notch Commanders on your team. And once they’re there, acquiring CPs can increase their star rank, bringing their stats up to where they need to be to make sure that your legion is the best around!
Read More2016 08 29 [GMT]

EventsLiberators Event Top Donor

It's time to give out rewards for the biggest philanthropists of the war in our Top Donor event! We'll be issuing out goodies for all your hard working troops!
Read More2016 08 27 [GMT]

EventsLiberators Event Collective Buying

It’s time to break out the pocket books and put your powers together, soldiers! The Collective Buying is here!
Read More2016 08 26 [GMT]

EventsLiberators Forum Event Caption Contest

Reply to this post with your version of this image. Edit it to fill in the conversation so that we know what they’re up thinking. Is it funny? Is it serious? Is it just plain strange? We want to know what you guys are thinking!
Read More2016 08 26 [GMT]

Events[Forum Event]BASE SHOWCASE

For a soldier in campaign, the military base becomes a second home, and in many cases covers all their needs. Many contain installations for recreation, sports, dining, and even schooling or health care. Let alone the training camps, shooting range, HQ and standard military building that are expected to be found in any decent base.
Read More2016 08 24 [GMT]

Events[Event] BOND DRIVE

"Are you ready for an offer that will make your soldiers reach the next level of might? Participate in our BOND DRIVE event and you could win up to 80 Giant Ammo boxes and 20k oil! Join the event today! See you on the battlefield!
Read More2016 08 16 [GMT]


During the first and Second World Wars, the need for stronger fortifications, to protect the artillery crews, store ammunition or supplies, result into the development and perfection of the Bunker. From the Scots word “Bench” the bunkers started as dug shelters in World War I, becoming a key structure for defense.
Read More2016 08 15 [GMT]

Events[Event]Top donor

Heads up soldiers! For a limited time, get huge rewards with every recharge! The more you invest in your recharge, the bigger the reward! Do not let this opportunity slip through your fingers and increase the might of your army! See you on the battlefield!
Read More2016 08 12 [GMT]

Events[Event] Invasion of Africa Double Bonus

Time to travel to North Africa and free the lands of nazis! We'll be offering twice the reward with DOUBLEINVASION OF AFRICA REWARDS! This opportunity won't last long so get on it today! See you on the battlefield!
Read More2016 08 11 [GMT]

EventsMarshall Plan – Smart Investing

Your country needs you to dig deep into your wallet and support the war effort. In return, it promises freedom, prosperity, and security. War bonds are what keep the war effort afloat. But what are they and how can buying them INCREASE THEIR WORTH FOR YOU?
Read More2016 08 11 [GMT]
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