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EventsLiberators Event Collective Buying

It’s time to break out the pocket books and put your powers together, soldiers! The Collective Buying is here!
Read More2016 09 09 [GMT]

EventsFire Support

Even the stone cold BAMFs of the Second World War needed a little help from their friends once in a while. Standing shoulder to shoulder at Monte Cassino, watching wave after wave of the enemy charge forth must have been a frightful experience, even for the iron-hearted.
Read More2016 09 07 [GMT]

Events[Liberators Event] Group Stage Championship

Today our Cross-Server Championship moves on to the Group Stage! We've gone through the first level and now it's time to grind out the best of the best! Pit your might against the mightiest generals across the world and claw your way to ultimate victory! First prize is the title Grand Champion, Tiger I, Gold x 500k, Research x 500, Blueprints x 500! Logon to sign up!
Read More2016 09 05 [GMT]

Events[Liberators Event]Commander Briefing

Your commanders need more stars to advance in the ranks, and there’s only one way to get them to them! Introducing the new Commander briefing system! Get your hands on those precious CPs quickly and efficiently! This week, we're featuring Commander Reitsch!
Read More2016 09 05 [GMT]

Events[Liberators Group]Slot Machine

Take a tug at the Liberators Warslot! Try your hand at this machine and get your hands on supplies need to fuel your soldiers to victory! This time around, you can win the lovely but deadly all-star Commander Nicole Minet!
Read More2016 09 02 [GMT]

EventsLiberators Forum Event Special Sale

For a limited time, you can get three excellent Commanders’ CPs on sale! Get your hands on Von Rundstedt, Leni and Winters CPs for 90% off listed price!
Read More2016 09 02 [GMT]

Events[Liberators Event]Bond Drive

It’s that time again, soldiers! Your country needs you!
Read More2016 09 02 [GMT]

Events[Liberators Event]Supply Ship

Look alive soldier! Time for receiving back the ship to your port! The Supply Ship is coming back to a harbor near you! Acquire items for your beleaguered veterans!
Read More2016 08 31 [GMT]

EventsLiberators Event Bond drive

Come join in our BOND DRIVE event and you could win Commander Exp books, Gold x 200k, Supply x 150k, Oil x 20k!
Read More2016 08 30 [GMT]

Events[Liberators Event]Lucky Wheel

It's that time again, soldiers! We're bringing the Lucky Wheel back to Servers S1 - S67. This time the top prize is Commander Messe and his tank battalion. Don't miss out! Try your luck today! See you on the battlefield!
Read More2016 08 30 [GMT]
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