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OriginsLiberators: December Base Decorations!

Happy Holidays, Liberators!
Read More2016 12 16 [GMT]

OriginsOlympic Games & WWII

As the 2016 Rio Olympic games are underway, we want to take you down memory lane to a time that is rarely spoken about and almost forgotten. The Summer Olympics of 1936 in Berlin and the London Summer Olympics of 1948. These particular games prove that nations can stand together for many reasons and not only have a great time but also competitive fun. They were both hosted after major wars and yet they were successful, showing the resilience and forward thinking of the leaders, sportsmen and countrymen.
Read More2016 08 12 [GMT]

OriginsD-Day Memorial

On June 6, 1944, 156,000 Allied troops stormed the beaches of Normandy, initiating the liberation of Western Europe from Nazi control.
Read More2016 06 03 [GMT]

OriginsLiberators Features

LIBERATORS is a World War 2 MMO Strategy Game that puts players in control of massive armies in order to free Europe from the clutches of Nazi Germany. Starting off with the Allied invasion of Normandy, players will build mighty armies and fight their way across the continent to survive the bloodiest war in history.
Read More2016 05 10 [GMT]

OriginsLiberators Story

Read More2016 05 06 [GMT]

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