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StrategyGold! Don't wage war without it!

Reap the sunlight of the earth and use its glimmer as another weapon against the enemy.
Read More2016 08 24 [GMT]


Soldiers around the world, this is the time to prove yourself! The opportunity to show your skills mastered after fierce battles, the might of your battle scarred army and the countless hours spent on the training ground reaching the very limits of human capacities. The moment when you can claim the highest title, the Champion of all Liberators, has arrived.
Read More2016 08 18 [GMT]

StrategyCross Server Arena

On the march to victory, soldiers of the Second World War participated in battles that resulted in some of the greatest loss of life ever faced in human history.
Read More2016 07 12 [GMT]

StrategyLiberators: How to gain EXP

Your player level increases with EXP.
Read More2016 05 06 [GMT]

StrategyLiberators Closed Beta FAQ

Get your problem solved here!
Read More2015 11 13 [GMT]

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