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TutorialLiberators: Barracks

Players who reach level 22 have the option to build barracks on their bases.
Read More2016 05 06 [GMT]

TutorialLiberators: Task System

​ Tasks of Liberators are divided into 2 kinds: Main Task and Daily Task. By completing these tasks players could get great deal of rewards, experience and resources, to help them become stronger in game.
Read More2016 05 06 [GMT]

TutorialLiberators: Alliance War

Alliance Wars is how your Alliance can take control over cities and extract loot from them.
Read More2016 05 06 [GMT]

TutorialLiberators: Resources

Resource management is paramount to leading a successful campaign.
Read More2016 04 26 [GMT]

TutorialLiberators: Tiger 1

If there’s one weapon that the Second World War is known for, it’s tanks.
Read More2016 04 06 [GMT]

TutorialLiberators: Mortar Units

On the Liberator’s battlefield, soldiers make use of the legendary M2 Mortar.
Read More2016 03 30 [GMT]

TutorialLiberators: Raiding Cities

The battle isn’t over after you’ve liberated a city.
Read More2016 03 30 [GMT]
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