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Tutorial[Guide]Operation LEND-LEASE

In a country of desert and mountain and countless unknown perils, cargo transport across land is fraught with dangers and difficulties. Safe roads are few in number, and often laid with traps
Read More2016 07 08 [GMT]

TutorialThe Inimical Teddy Roosevelt

​ Theodore Roosevelt III, known better as Teddy Roosevelt Jr, was one of the grand figures in the history of both World Wars.
Read More2016 07 01 [GMT]

TutorialGrab a drink at the pub

​Battle-hardened soldiers are apt to stop over at the local pub at the end of a long day when the fighting’s done.
Read More2016 06 30 [GMT]

TutorialCommander Barbara Lauwers

Imagine you’re a German soldier. You’re hungry, tired, and far from home, subsisting largely on the faith that the side you’re fighting for is soon going to win the war and you can finally go back to the warmth of familiar surroundings. Then, you see a letter flyer written in your mother tongue whose contents makes your heart leap.
Read More2016 06 24 [GMT]

TutorialThe Soft Underbelly

The Allies claimed victory in North Africa on May 13th, 1943, when a huge swatch of German and Italian soldiers surrendered at Tunisia.
Read More2016 06 08 [GMT]

TutorialMaginot Line Ranking Event!

It's time to line up all the Axis soldiers you've recruited to the cause, because this is a special mission just for them!
Read More2016 06 03 [GMT]

TutorialMonte Cassino: A Portrait

Remembered today as one of the longest and most gruesome engagements of the Italian campaign of WWII, the battle of Monte Cassino remains shrouded in controversy and darkness.
Read More2016 06 03 [GMT]

TutorialLiberators: Defense Contractors

War is a lucrative business and everyone knows it.
Read More2016 05 31 [GMT]

TutorialAll about riflemen

Originating in the 18th century, the term “rifleman” has been used to refer to light infantry soldiers who carry rifled firearms.
Read More2016 05 25 [GMT]

TutorialAll about the Assaults System

Now players will have an additional threat on the horizon with the newly added gameplay Assaults!
Read More2016 05 24 [GMT]
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