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Liberators: Messe.jpgFall in line, soldiers! We’re reporting to you live from the warzone with status updates and a bit of review.


We’ve been very fortunate to receive a feature from Facebook for the space of a week, which has been a result of the hard work and support we’ve received from our dedicated soldiers! The last couple months since the official release of open beta have been an exhilarating ride. Charging forth into war, there have been mistaken deployments, unexpected difficulties, and of course fallen heroes. But for every setback, there has been accompanying success. We’ve see the addition of new functions, new servers, new rewards, and a parade of social events. We’ve also been fortunate enough to add Spanish, French, German, and within a few days, Portuguese to the list of languages actively used on the Liberators battlefield. It’s a true testament to your strength as men of conviction that we’ve made it this far. And for that, we’d like to thank you.


In addition to the riches we’ve been fortunate enough to have, our army is also expanding. We’d like to welcome the brave new Commander Giovanni Messe into the fold as we charge forth in the fight against Nazi oppression. Stay tuned for a host of ways to get your hands on Messe CPs and add him to your legion!


The contents of today’s update are as follows:


New Functions:

1. Released Propaganda Perks.Available at Lvl.60

2. Added new commander Giovanni Messe



1. Wrong beginning time of EXP Buyback.

2. Kills made while in auto mode not counted in Daily Missions.

3. Alliance number display incorrect  

4. Alliances unable to abandon city

5. Not able to occupy a city after winning the Alliance War


In addition to adding a host of new functions, languages, events, and characters, we’re also working tirelessly to directly attack older issues. We’re constantly in the process of optimization. And though it’s an uphill effort, we’re excited to embark on it with such an excellent legion of dedicated followers!


May you continue to serve the cause well, brave soldiers!

See you on the battlefield!

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