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Liberators: New commander.jpg“If there is a strong general, there will be no weak soldiers.”


It’s time to welcome a brand new Commander to the Liberators battlefield. Known far and wide for his masterful exploits in both world wars, this skill General will live on in the annals of military history forever. Although officially on the side of the Axis, he earned the respect and esteem of both allies and enemies.


This shrewd was renowned as a proponent for parsimony and feasibility on the battlefield, as opposed to blind machismo and heroism. In charge of 200,000 troops to march into the USSR, he reduced the number of active troops to 60,000 citing a lack of supplies and the harshness of the Russian terrain. His prudence in leadership led him to major and unexpected victories for the Axis powers wherever he landed. And though he was ultimately defeated in 1943, he was allowed to peaceably repatriate and continued to fight for his convictions as a military and political leader for the rest of his life.


Fact is often stranger than fiction. The Liberators battlefield is full of historical WW2 strategy action. Here you can get your fill of military history, stories of triumph and inspiration, and immerse yourself in the full experience of the year’s best army strategy game. As the story unfolds, we’ll be welcoming more and more influential Commanders to join the European theatre of one of the most significant conflicts in world history. 

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