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Liberators: Invasion of Africa.pngTaking place between June 1940 and May 1943, the North African campaigns were a series of grisly battles for the fate the future of Europe, the Mediterranean, and possibly even the planet. They included those battles fought in the Libyan and Egyptian deserts (the Desert War), in Morocco and Algeria (Operation Torch), as well as in Tunisia.


Many of the brave heroes of the Liberators battlefield made a name for themselves in the desert plains, such as the fearless Paddy Mayne. Once in enemy territory, the hostile heat combined with the common dangers of war made this leg of the journey especially perilous.


On the Liberators battlefield, this added danger is mimicked by cutting off players’ abilities to regroup or heal, treating the entire campaign as a continued battle. In it, players fight a series of consecutive battles, retaining the damages and stats throughout. After certain battles, players have the option of visiting the Invasions of Africa hospital to mend Commander’s wounds.


Successful completion of battles grants fighters bandages, which can serve several different functions. Each function can be used on your Commanders only once during the campaign. Players can choose among three separate choices:


A)     To restore 50% of Commander HP (best used on your most powerful and frequently used Commanders).

B)      To boost a Commander’s morale by 50% (best used on Commanders with 50% or more morale, for immediate use in the next battle)

C)     To make a given Commander go on a suicide mission, taking him or herself out along with an enemy army (best used by relatively weak Commanders)


In the realm of strategy games, Liberators is on the front lines, bringing you nonstop action. From historical characters to actual weaponry and pivotal battles, players who love World War 2 games overwhelmingly choose to satisfy their craving on the Liberators battlefield! 

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