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Functions.jpgLook alive soldiers! We’ve enacting another new update for you guys and like always, the content should be well worth the wait!


In addition to regular bug fixes and daily upkeep, we’ve added a few new functions. Most importantly, we’ve added more game play for the hardcore players out there to get up to level 80! And we’re proud to announce that now players can buy back EXP that they missed the day before! Your opportunities to non-stop war game action never cease to increase on the Liberators battlefield!


New functions:


1.  Added new Defense Contractor shop for players of eligible level

2.  Player level now caps at Lvl 80

3.  Players can now purchase missed EXP





1.  Increased the native BR strength of 3-Star Commanders

2.  3 Day Sale on the opening of new servers

3.  Now Elite draws in recruiting office produces a 3-Star Commander every time



Bug Fixes


1.  When out of supplies in the Alliance War, players receive no notification

2.  BR Contest emails do not produce correct information

3.  Sign-in awards accidentally reset at the start of a new month

4.  Daily kills requirements are incorrect on Alliance War menu


We’re giving you new ways to enact top strategy, and take your WW2 gaming experience to the next level. Clever Generals know how to make the most of real time strategy, and use their brains as well as their brawn right here on the Liberators battlefield!






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