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Born on the Brokenhead Ojibway Nation at the reservation in Scanterbury, Manitoba, Thomas George Prince was destined to make an indelible mark upon history, and along the way, find himself a leading position on the Liberators battlefield.


His grandfather was the famous Saulteaux Indian Chief, Peguis, after whose legacy, young Tommy Prince studied his whole life. He spent a large amount of his time sneaking behind enemy lines, staying for days at a time, risking his own personal safety to save the men in his battalion and liberate cities of the continent. He was rewarded several times for his bravery, receiving both the Military Medal and the Croix de la Guerre among others. His constancy in battle remained an unending well of inspiration to his troops, and he is remembered to this day for his contribution to morale and the spirit of military valor.


On the Liberators battlefield, Prince leads an army of Recon vehicles. These motorized units are close combat firearm wielders. Skilled generals, know how to formulate strategy in accord with the strengths of their soldiers. Prince and his ilk are best when used on the flanks, in support to a strong central leader. His Sneak Blade strikes all enemies, facing directly ahead, while decreasing their defense. Use it to bring your enemies to their knees.


Fact is stranger than fiction. History is littered with real heroes with unbelievable feats of triumph and deadliness. Liberators is your one-stop for real history, real strategy, real action from the battlefields of World War 2.


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