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boss battle.jpgWe’re preparing to introduce a brand new way to exercise your troops. Soon, you can face off against The Great Gustav, the 1350-tonne German siege artillery designed to blow French forts to smithereens. Its shells weighed up to seven tonnes and could be fired a range of 47 kilometers. This railway gun was the largest-caliber rifled weapon ever used in combat. As unwieldy as it was deadly, the Great Gustav was a beast to get around war-torn Europe. But its arrival at the gate of your city spells imminent disaster. One army alone won’t be enough to take it down.


Join a legion of other veteran soldiers on the quest to vanquish this metal menace. Players can choose which side of the field they wish to enter from. From there, each army can attack Gustav’s supporting towers. The player to deal the final shot to a tower will win a treasure chest full of much needed resources for your beleaguered troops.


In the center lies the big guy himself. Each attack your army lands on this alloy beast has the possibility of granting a treasure chest of rewards. The highest honor goes to the army that deals the death blow, which grants a significant prize. But don’t get to caught up with what’s in front of you and ignore your flanks. Airplanes will be dropping off rage-fueled enemy troops throughout the battle. Destroying them grants a chest full of resources for those attention armies aiding on the sidelines.


Extra prepared soldiers have a few tricks up their sleeve to ensure victory. With the aid of Fort Busters, players can boost their attacks, increasing the deadliness of their blows for up to 20 turns. Those who employ deathbringers can instantly kill the Guardtower of their choosing, bringing the legion one step closer to direct confrontation with Gustav. Choosing to Weaken Resolve temporarily reduces the defense capacity of a selected Guardtower. With these in your arsenal, victory is well within your army’s grasp.


Gustav is terrorizing the European countryside and the threat is growing worse by the day. It’s not going to stop without a concerted effort by dedicated solders like you!


See you on the battlefield!

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