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1604281461812492616164.jpgWe’ve got a massive new update for you that we’re sure you’re bound to enjoy! We’re introducing the new Commander Simo Häyhä and his deadly killing prowess to the Liberators battlefield. And lucky generals on our first four servers will have an extra opportunity to add this fresh recruit to their ranks. We’ll be initiating our Total BR Championship competition this week! Check our social media and official site for further details. And if that weren’t enough, we also have three new language versions ready for the battlefield—German, French, and Spanish! In addition to the major news, we’ve also got a number of usual adjustments to further enhance gameplay. Hope you guys enjoy!


Brand new functions!

1. New Commander - Simo Häyhä!

2. Three new branches in Alliance Research center

3. Total BR Ranking competition  

4 Multilingual version online

5. Auto function in Alliance War now online



1. In AoM, Commanders in Main Force are clearly distinct from those already in Vanguard

2. Alliance War no longer shows Commanders whose levels are not eligible to participate

3. Altered the difficulty of some levels in Headhunters


Bug fixes

1. Squad Battles doesn't show how many times it may be used per day

2. Backend doesn't give proper time limit for Alliance War, allowing certain players to move before the battle begins

3. Squad Battles doesn't show rewards granted upon completion

4. Incorrect Commander stars in the Main Force battle of Armies of Might

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