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Liberators: UpdateAttention soldiers! We'll be addressing some of the issues you guys have been facing with a small update. The servers will be down for a couple hours while we correct some of these issues. Here's a list of bug fixes you can expect when we're back up and running: 

1) Trophy room fails to give 3 free daily draws

2) Commanders gain EXP after going through Academy but their BR drops again after refreshing the screen 

3) Friends list only shows up to 50 friends before cutting off

4) Certain shops (such as AoM, IoA, Mess Hall) don't automatically update

5) Certain status effects (such as silence, etc) won't properly conclude or cancel

6) Alliance chat mixes info with world chat

7) Armies of Might conclusion menu displays incorrect data

8) Certain Commanders unable to produce items in the Workshop

9) Unable to receive rewards for kills in Alliance War (with the message that the achievement is incomplete)

10) Incorrect information on the Alliance and Kill ranking lists

See you guys on the battlefield! 

Liberators Team

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