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Liberators: MortarMortar weapons were all those issued to infantry units to provide close range, rapid response during the Second World War. They enhanced the indirect fire capability of an infantry unit in tactical combat. Their firepower is similar to that of a hand grenade, only far deadlier. With a range of up to 325 yards, mortar units are some of the most highly prized a soldier can want.


On the Liberator’s battlefield, soldiers make use of the legendary M2 Mortar. This high-angle-of fire weapon was developed by the U.S. specifically for WWII and due to its powerful efficacy was used also in later wars as infantry weaponry.


Mortar units are powerful on the rear lines due to their long range. They’re very good at attacking enemies deep within enemy lines. They can be found under the employ of CommandersTassigny, Leni Riefenstahl, and Montgomery.


What are some of your favorite special moves involving mortar units? Who is your favorite mortar-wielding Commander? Do you have any strategies to share with other soldiers looking to change things up? We can’t wait to hear from you!


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See you on the battlefield, soldiers!


Liberators Team

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