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Liberators Raiding CitiesThe battle isn’t over after you’ve liberated a city. There are a number of functions that liberated cities present to the dedicated General. Foremost among these is the ability to raid cities for valuable army loot harbored by resistance fighters.


When you’re low on supplies and need a bunch in a hurry, raiding cities is a quick and efficient way of gathering military gear. In a similar fashion to normal battles, city raiding will consume a portion of your supplies. Since raiding can be a costly measure, it’s a good idea to balance your supplies and your need. Clever generals are always aware of when and how to get their soldiers what they need in times of crisis.


City raiding is a limitless enterprise. It starts with a single initiating battle for both normal and hard levels respectively. Success in battle unlocks an auto-raid feature after which time items can be acquired directly in exchange for supplies. Consumption of these supplies is hefty, but the most dedicated raiders can receive recompense for their effort in the form of hot events and achievements. 


Do you have any good advice for other generals about how to meta-game the raiding cities feature of war? What great strategies have you used to maximize your soldiers’ welfare? Maybe you’ve thought of something we haven’t. We’re excited to hear about your ideas.



For more ideas, tips, and strategy on the internet’s top WWII army game, check out! There you can catch up on all the latest Liberators information, updates, and events, as well as join the growing community of dedicated generals.


See you on the battlefield, soldiers! 

Liberators Team

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