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The time has arrived for another new and improved version of Liberators! We're super excited to make these improvements and are looking forward to positive feedback from all our dedicated soldiers. We've made some minor tweaks here and there and are preparing to add some new features soon. Stay tuned and we'll see you on the battlefield!



1. Added rewards for winning streak in Armies of Might, and adjusted rewards for victory and defeat.

2. Adjusted difficulty of Armies of Might.


Bug Fixes:

1. When moving on world map, going back to the Base then back to map, players reach their destination directly.

2. The red exclamatory point on Turning Points doesn't disappear after attempts are used up

3. Clicking Collect all button after all items are collected in Base gives incorrect message

4. Incorrect cool down time of Alliance invitation.

5. Wrong cost of purchasing action points in Alliance War.

6. Guide arrow will shift when moving in the browser, leading to sticking.

7. Clicking icon of map and nothing happens. Icon will disappear after refreshing browser.

8. Players unable to get medals package in Lvl.30 squad.

9. Yesterday's kills shows 0 if players are unranked in the Yesterday's Kill Ranking.

10. Unable to get friends list when inviting Facebook friends.

11. Corrected price of buff in Invasion of Africa.

12. Guide arrow pointing to the wrong place in Alliance War guide.

13. Murphy able to get healed even with incurable buff.

14. Unable to purchase Headhunters attempts although there are still available purchase times

15. Ongoing Battles box is empty with no countdown.

16. Unable to get training EXP after finishing training in Academy.

17. Sticking when entering the main task of occupying cities during the Alliance guide.

18. Squads battles issuing rewards after 3rd attempt

19. Unable to use 1-click to accept all friends application when someone in the application list has max amount of friends.

20. Properties purchased in cities disappear for no reason.

21. Unable to change Flag icon in City Hall.

22. Cold down of application for position in City Hall displays in the wrong position.

23. Incorrect display of upper limit of mail (should be 100).

24. Incorrect BR display in Alliance member list.


Liberators Team

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