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We will be updating Liberators on February 25th to improve several game systems and fix bugs.

Newly added Functions:

1. Added 5 new enemy skills.

2. The Alliance chat channel will pop up above the troops during Alliance War.

Bug fixes:

1. Sticking on loading screen or getting kicked off server while playing.

2. Getting stuck in tutorial.

3. Players unable to collect Alliance War daily kill rewards.

4. Alliances

a) Appointing multiple generals in Alliances.(The player who has been a member of the Alliance longest will retain the position; all others will remain members) 

b) Players unable to collect city production. (Note: "City Prod" has been changed to "Salary" in the latest version) 

5. Alliance War

a) Some adjustments in Alliance War duration.

b) Can't complete defend or attack mission from Military ranks and Alliance War daily missions.

c) Can't move forward past empty grid points.

d) Unable to attack enemies on spawning point.

6. Cannot match enemy after resetting Invasion of Africa.

Thanks for your continued support throughout these alpha tests. Keep on fighting!

Liberators Team

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