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Tanks are universally revered as some of the most fearsome and deadly killing devices ever conceived. First realized in 

the 19th century, they came to maturity in the first half the 20th century during the two World Wars. They thus play a 

prominent role in Liberators as one of your primary tools of destruction.

Due to their highly resistant exteriors, Tanks lose HP more slowly than most other units and are best used on front 

lines. They are particularly strong against infantry, paratroopers, and are deadly opponents against machine gun units. 

Be sure to keep your tank units up front as your first line of defense. 

Tank units are less effective when pitted against mortars, AT guns, artillery, bazookas, and are especially weak against 

anti-tank weaponry. Also note that if the enemy has markedly strong tanks on its front lines, it is best to use jeeps in 

frontline combat, along with mortars, AT guns, artillery, bazookas, and especially anti-tank weaponry you might have 

in your army.

Good luck on the battlefield, soldiers! 

Liberators Team


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