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“No crime is so great as daring to excel.”

Few people did more for British morale during WWII than wartime Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill. A natural-

born leader, he was able to forge alliances, make preparations, and save countless lives. By combining his first rate 

decision making with exemplary rhetorical skills, he brought Britain from the brink of defeat all the way to victory. 

His contribution to your army on the Liberators battlefield is hard to overstate.

Churchill’s weapon of choice is the bazooka, an anti-tank rocket launcher used heavily during the Second World War. 

This makes him an ideal choice for taking down enemy tanks. His special move, V-Day, grants an over 40% morale 

boost before each battle and deals 235% damage to the most numerous enemy unit. When triggered, it has the 

potential to reduce received damage to 0% until the end of the battle.


Churchill commands a long-range, explosive, infantryarmy, making him ideal for your middle and back lines. His 

strengths are many, when employed accurately.


Do you have any stories about his exploits on the battlefield to share with other soldiers and fans?

Liberators Team


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