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We're going to update Liberators on December 25th. During the update, the game will be unavailable for about 15 minutes. 

  1. Fixed the Alliances list display error

  2. The exact amount of Axis Helmets in the shop of Armies of Might is now visible. It works as currency, so it isn't displayed in the inventory.

  3. The loading process has been optimised.

  4. Fixed the error during which the defeated NPCs remain alive in Alliance Wars.

  5. Fixed the bug with unit features remaining the same when tabbing from one commander to another

  6. Fixed the error in description of buying attempts in Armies of Might

  7. Added Bribe x10 option in the training page

  8. Fixed the freezing problem during recruitment

  9. Fixed the display bug of commander points drawn from Recruiting Office in the Inventory

  10. Fixed the bug of daily refreshing attempts

  11. Fixed the bug causing frequent connection failure

  12. Fixed the problem with the draft tickets icon not turning red when the number of draft tickets is insufficient for a draw.

  13. Fixed the bug causing the refresh button not to work on the connection error page.

  14. Fixed the bug of incessant loading when entering a city (caused by the war in the city).

    Liberators Team

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