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1. The game mode has 13 chapters and every chapter has 10 stages.

2. When you enter one stage, choose 5 commanders and one of them as leader. Unite them and get ready for the battle. Notice: You have to unite your commanders every time you enter the battle.

3. The united Army's stats is in proportion to the sum of the chosen commanders' stats.

4. There are 5 orders in total: Attack order, Defence order, Accumulate magic, Recovery, Explosive damage. When you are ready for the battle, the army who has higher speed stats can choose the order first, then the other side can use the left orders.

5. Players can upgrade the commander in the Advanced Institute.2 ways are available for upgrading, using the technical points and items or using the directive points and items.

What is Directive Points?

It is used to enhance commanders. Every commander has his own directive points and it can be obtained via battles in United Liberation.

What is Technical Points?

It is used to enhance commanders and it is applied to all commanders' enhancement.

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