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The new event- Warhorse opens every Wednesday and Sunday.

If you want take part in this event, please build a stable for your horse first and you also need have at least one horse in your stable. Don't worry, we’ll give you one horse once you build the Stable. Don’t shilly-shall, soldiers! Build the stable and be ready to rumble!

As for the stable, there are 2 parts inside – WARHORSE and RACECOURSE.

Warhorse part including 4 sections-My horse, Market, Training and Mating. In My horse section, you can equip your horse. In Market section, various horses and equipment are available. There are 3 attributes that you can train for your horse in Training section, and if you want train next level of your horse, the 3 attributes should reach the same level. We also have the Mating section for you to get new horses, don’t forget to claim your new-born horses after the mating.

Racecourse part has horse racing of different cities and Horse betting.

The entrance Fee is needed for enter the city to take part in horse racing. Upgrading your horse and equipping your horse with equipment to get extra stats can increase the win rate. The great prize are available when you win the racing. Attention: the Prize of the racing is Horse Coin. It does not show in your Inventory, but shows in Maket page in stable.

The Horse betting opens every Wednesday and Sunday. There are total 12 racing in one day and you can bet 12 times one day. You have one hour to bet every time. When betting countdown turns into 0, the racing will start and the result of racing will be released after the racing. The player whose horse didn't take part in the racing also can bet. The prize will be sent via in-game mail after the racing. The betting in the game is bet the rank of 8 horses in the racing so it's kind of different with the real horse betting.

We'll also open the Motu Store for player to buy items via the prize-Motu you get in horse betting.

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