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League Glory is the related part of ULTIMATE VICTORY event.

In the new game option League Glory, the generals will be able to equip the commanders with League Glory of various types and qualities. This game option can be found in the commander profile.

With these items, you will be able to boost all attributes for a specific commander. There are 3 parts—Glory, Frame, and Emblem part.

1.      Emblem part. There are 3 type emblems—Normal Emblem, Excellent Emblem, Masterpiece Emblem. The higher the quality of the item, the stronger the boost. You can also get new Emblem by combining 2 exist Emblems. Use the lucky item to obtain better chance get Emblem with special stats.

2.      Frame part. The Glory Frame have star level and stats level. The stars represent different attributes, when you level up the star of the frame, you’ll unlock new attribute boost. And the max Frame stats level is 100, using items to level frame of every commander can get more stats boosts.

3.      Glory part. The League Glory is made up of Emblem and Frame. Equip the Glory to your commander can let him get great stats boost.

The items can be obtained in ULTIMATE VICTORY events or stores at the moment.

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