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In the frenetic world of Liberators, each and every one of your commanders can be pushed to overcome their limits based on level and rank, making them incarnations of war.

The options to improve each commander are plenty and with great variety, so even the most veteran can feel lost at times trying to find or remember all.

In these series of guides, we will explore all the possibilities for upgrading and boosting each commander. Most of these are found in the commander Section and its Tabs.




Using an item called Weaver, Gold and Commander’s CP is possible to upgrade such commander and give them a new look.

The Outfit section can be found in the commander profile, just on the profile picture.

Inside of it, you will find several attributes that can be upgraded, such a Strength, Intelligence and Leadership.

First, select a stat you want to improve. Press RESET to use the items that appear next to the buttons. These will be used and the stat will be given a random number that can also be negative. If you want to keep the result, just press SAVE and the number will be added to the stat.

Once you complete every stat, reaching the number designated as the maximum, you will be able to EQUIP the OUTFIT in your commander, changing their profile picture and giving them a fresh image.




Many general find themselves wondering how can they improve the rank of the commander after they have reached 5 stars, how to make them surpass their limits?

The DECORATE option allows you to spend a big amount Commander’s CP, Supplies and Badges to reach a rank level higher than 5 stars. This BADGES are related to each unit type and can be found in events and stores.

The new ranks, identified with badges instead of stars, are up to badge 5 and will boost the commander’s stats in a massive way.




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