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In the frenetic world of Liberators, each and every one of your commanders can be pushed to overcomes their limits based on level and rank, making them incarnations of war.

The options to improve each commander are plenty and with great variety, so even the most veteran can feel lost at times trying to find or remember all.

In these series of guides, we will explore all the possibilities for upgrading and boosting each commander. Most of these are found in the commander Section and its Tabs.



The life of a soldier can be a life in constant motion, and the commanders of Liberators knows how to get the best from it.

First enter the mini-game using the JOURNEY button in the commander profile, just on the commander's portrait.

Inside you will find several options that can be explored.


In the JOURNEY button, you will find 3 kinds of boost options called tomes: Tome of Courage, Tome of Knowledge and Tome of Persistence. Each one can be used to boost your stats, in the following order:

Tome of Courage: Strength, defense, leadership, piercing

Tome of Knowledge: Troops, intelligence, resistance and leadership

Tome of Persistence: Strength, intelligence, attack, defense

To upgrade, you need to use JOURNALS, and these can be found winning battles in this mini-game, or in stores and events.

Notice that each Tome have a requirement, in the form of a minimum mileage that needs to be traveled before being able to continue upgrading.


The VEHICLE button will take you to the Vehicle upgrade section. Here is possible to improve the Vehicle, in order to advance faster, or get more fuel capacity. The vehicle can be upgraded with Tires, Motors, and Armors, that can be found playing this mini-game, or in stores and events. Each 20 level the vehicle will completely change, receiving a massive boost.


MARCH is the button to start the mini-game. In this one, the commander will move a number of kilometers determined by the SPEED of the current Vehicle. In the journey, the commander may find a box that contains one of the items used in this game section, or a group of enemies. If they are defeated, the reward will result in Journals to upgrade the Tomes.

Each attempt will reduce the amount of fuel, from a total fuel capacity, which increases with the level of the vehicle.


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