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Every general knows the importance of position in a strategy of war.

Being in a higher ground, easier terrain or with bigger cover can bring a massive advantage to your troops, and it would be possible for a smaller or weaker army to defeat a stronger one.

That is when the Liberators Cell Grid come in hand!


The Grid Cell is an upgrading option that raise the power of certain stats. But this time, instead of upgrading the commander or unit type directly, you upgrade the grid where the unit is positioned during a battle.

For example, if a unit is in the first grid tile, top left corner, and you upgrade Grid Cell 1, that unit will receive a boost on certain stats. This applies to any unit that arrives to the grid, and not the initial position. Therefore, if a unit moves during the battle, the new boost will be related to the upgrades on that specific grid tile.

Before or during the battle, you can hover the mouse pointer over the tiles to see what bonus boost applies if a unit is positioned there if any. In this example, the cell tile 4 was upgraded using the Grid Cell IV option, adding some boots to the unit positioned there.

The items necessary to upgrade the Grid Cell can be found primarily by participating in Behemoth, so don’t forget to join the raid event every day! Also, on some occasions, these items can be featured in stores like Pit Shop, or season events.

Nowhere else can you find some of the best action that online free games have to offer! Talent, passion, and history combine here to create one of the most engaging strategy war games on the web! Put your skills to the test today!


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