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It is said that during a Halloween night in 1942, a group of soldiers discovered a field with a permanent deep and thick mist.

Those who dared to venture into the unknown suffered an uncertain destiny, trapped in the threats of a literal Fog of War.

Some met a sudden and painful death; others found enemies also trapped there, that didn’t hesitate to attack, but a few other were rewarded and left the mist with amazing spoils.

Halloween Sweeper is coming to Liberators in the spookiest month of the year. Go into a quest to find incredible prizes, while avoiding traps full of enemies.

Once you enter, you will be able to move on each line using the keys on your keyboard to control.

Inside of the maps, there are 4 possible encounters that you may find:

The SAFESPOT slots will just disperse the mist so you can make your next move.

The CLUE stop will show in the map the locations of traps and treasures.

If you encounter a TRAP, an enemy will appear, and it must be defeated! If you win the battle, the game will continue, if not, is game over.

TREASURES are the ultimate goal, as this will result in you getting generous rewards for your bravery. The game will end if you reach the treasure.

Extra rewards will be also awarded by ranking after the event is over.

Nowhere else can you find some of the best action that online free games have to offer! Talent, passion, and history combine here to create one of the most engaging strategy war games on the web! Put your skills to the test today!

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