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The Great Gustav was created to destroy the Maginot Line, the strongest fortification of its time. However, the unstoppable Blitzkrieg offensive of the Wehrmacht isolated the Maginot Line and forced France to surrender. The weapon was not used during that time and eventually was destroyed after its use in the Battle of Sevastopol. However, the technology to create immense machines of destruction remained.

Now, a group of Nazi scientist is creating colossus of steel and fire: the BEHEMOTHS.


The Behemoth event opens every day with one Behemoth appearing randomly in a city on the map at 11:00 and 20:00 every day (server time).

Each player can only challenge a Behemoth during the time periods of 11:00 to 14:00 and 20:00 to 23:00. With one chance each time.

This is a Raid event, and the participation of many powerful generals is necessary to destroy the monstrous machines

Everyone who joins the battle will get random rewards; with more generous rewards if the Behemoth is slain. Two ranking can be found: Top Attacker for dealing more damage, and Top Defender for surviving more rounds. The rewards obtained can be used in Grid Cell, upgrade the Medals of your commanders and in Vanguard.

Keep in mind that the skills of the commanders that are related to the percentage will be weakened for this battle.

If the Behemoth is destroyed, the participants will get a chance to dismantle it and get useful resources. These can be used in several ways:

- Rebuild a Behemoth and use it in battle! You can bring the metal horrors with you to the battlefield, and they will appear and start their carnage when all your commanders are defeated. Notice that the Behemoth cannot be used in the following game modes: Elite Strife, Invasion of Africa, Face off,   Reichstag, Alliance War, War Game in News Agency, Arena, and Confrontation.

- Upgrade the current Behemoth’s abilities. When you reach a certain level on all the abilities, the Behemoth will level up and will obtain Advanced skills.


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