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Attention soldiers!

Our experts in the research division have been working non-stop to bring you new and exciting game options to the vibrant and explosive world of the F2P game LIBERATORS- A WWII STRATEGY EPIC.


Countless wars have been fought for it, and is consider “Black Gold” by many. Crude oil is one of the most essential resources of modern times and in many cases the key factor that can determine the winner and loser in a conflict. Every great strategist must take maximum advantage of the precious liquid. Considering this, our weapon development expert had prepared some unique features to obtain and use Petroleum in-game.




- So far the generals have been defending their precious oil reserve against our enemies, but is time to step up and bring the fight to our rivals too. In RAID you will be able to attack rival oil fields, using your units to take as much Petroleum as you can. Each of these units will have a cooldown time and amount representing how many units you can deploy. Be careful, as there is a limit, and after reaching it you will only be able to rely on the units on the battlefield!


- The new Ring of Fire SHOP will allow you to use the precious Petroleum to upgrade your units of each type. Every option will boost a specific trait of all the commanders of that type. The ultimate strategy is yours.




- Loading times and crashes on Ring of fire are fixed.


Nowhere else you will find some of the best action that online free games have to offer! Talent, passion, and history combine here to create one of the most engaging strategy war games on the web! Put your skills to the test today!


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