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Go on a daring mission, Liberators!Melding together some of the finest minds and most able bodies, Task Forces were an integral part of the war. Arranging the perfect Task Force is all about synergy, skills, and focusing on a common objective. Task Forces, when executed properly, were beneficial to everyone who was a part of them.

Task Forces have now found their way into Liberators! Accessible through the Commander menu, Task Forces are predetermined teams with stat boosts available for everyone. 

You’ll notice that you can only enter the Task Force menus via a Chief Commander. Chief Commanders are denoted by the gold emblem next to their face in the Commander menu. Enter the Task Force interface to be greeted by the Chief Commander and their four aides. You’ll need to hire Aides one at a time, as long as they exceed the BR requirement.

Once hired, you’ll notice a percentage based stat increase for the Chief Commander’s Strength, Intelligence and Leadership. Your Chief Commanders stats will go through the roof if you can hire all four Aides!

Now to focus on your objective. Your task force needs to work together – for that, you’ll need Synergy! Synergy is acquired by providing each Aide with Intel. There are four different types of Intel, each of which has a random chance of providing a different value of Synergy.

Synergy is used to increase two new stats – Piercing and Resistance! Piercing and Resistance increase the damage that you deal and decrease the damage that you take respectively, based on a percentage produced from the stat. These stats could increase your Commander’s potency greatly, so don’t neglect them!

Once all four Aides have been hired, Task Force Stats (Piercing and Resistance) will be active! They will apply to all five Commanders, not just the Chief Commander.

Intel can be acquired through various PvP events and other Special Events, so keep your eyes peeled! Intel will be important for keeping might in your army.

Nowhere else can you find some of the best action that online free games have to offer! Talent, passion, and history combine here to create one of the most engaging strategy war games on the web! Put your skills to the test today! 

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