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Liberators: New Relic Skills in May 2017Advance the banner, Liberators!

In this fantastic month of May, skills have just gotten EVEN BETTER for high level Generals, in the form of Relic Skills! Relic skills aren’t easy to obtain – you’ll need plenty of Research, Blueprints, and CPs – but boy are they worth it.

Commanders with Relic Skills in this update include:
-        Eisenhower
-        Nearne
-        Stauffenberg
-        Kesselring
-        Tassigny
-        Zhukov
-        Wittmann

You can add these seven fine Commanders to the list of Commanders who already have Relic skills below!  Including:
-        Montgomery
-        Bradley
-        Rundstedt
-        Patton
-        ZigZag
-        Rudel 
-        Murphy
-        Speirs 
-        Petain 
-        Model
-        Winters
-        Churchill
-        Mayne
-        Allersberger
-        De Gaulle
-        Guderian
-        Mad Jack
-        Lutz
-        Dollmann

What benefits do these Relic skills have?  We don’t want to spoil all of the goods in this post, but they are a unique way of giving your favorite Commanders a little something extra, on top of their regular Skill effects.  Sometimes they will stun your enemies, sometimes they will unleash extra attacks, sometimes they will boost the stats of your own units – sometimes they will even take control of the enemy!  Possibilities are endless with Relic Skills.

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