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1. About the Closed Beta

Q: When will the closed beta start?

A: Liberators will start the closed beta in December 2015. Sign up now to gain free gift packs for the CBT!

Q: Will there be a data wipe after closed beta?

A: Yes, there will be a data wipe after closed beta.

Q: Can I buy Warbonds in the closed beta?

A:  Recharge is unavailable during the closed beta. You can earn sufficient War Bonds by completing Missions and Hot Events.

Q: I want to communicate with other players, where should I go?

A: Go to the official community page and share your ideas or problem with others in the forum.


Q: What should I do if I encounter a problem in game?

A: Post about your problem in the official forum.


Q: What’s the highest level I can reach during the Closed Beta?

A: In this version the highest level will be lvl.60.


Q: Can I trade with others in-game?

A: This function isn’t available for the time being.


2. About your account

Q: How can I enter the game?

A: Click the Login button on the right corner of the official website

Enter account and password info, then select a server and enjoy the game!


Q: How can I sign up?

A: Click the sign up button on the right corner of the official website

Enter the required information and click sign up.


Q: How do I get my account back if I forget my password?

A: Click the Forgot password button on the login page and enter the email that you used to sign up.


3. Battles

Q: How do battles work in Liberators?

A: Liberators is a turn-based strategy game. During the battle, players mainly have to concentrate strategic commander formations, the fighting itself is automatic.


Q: How many commanders can be on the battlefield at the same time?

A: A formation can consist of up to 5 Commanders.


Q: Can commanders trigger special skills during the fighting ? Do I have to trigger them manually?

A: Each commander will release his/her unique skill automatically when their morale bar reaches 100. The selected Army Captain will receive a 50 point morale boost at the beginning of the battle.


4. Commanders

Q: How can I recruit a commander?

A: The most popular way is to train with the commander and collect Commander Points. The points can also be found in the Recruiting Office. Besides these 2 ways, you can also visit the pub and buy commanders drinks to get more points.


Q: What are the basic Commander stats?

A: Commanders rely mainly on 3 attributes: Leadership, Intelligence and Strength. Leadership determines number of troops and Defensive prowess, Strength determines Attack and Defense capabilities, Intelligence determines Attack and Speed.


Q: How can I upgrade a commander's star rating?

A: Collect the required amount of Commander Points to upgrade his/her star rating. Once upgraded, commanders usually become much more powerful with improved skills and stat boosts.


Q: Can I change a commander’s skill or upgrade it?

A: A commander’s skill can’t be changed, but it can be improved! After upgrading a skill, your Commander will become much more powerful.


Q: How can I level up my Commanders?

A: Commanders can gain experience after every battle. If you want faster results, you can use EXP Books to get them there quicker. Commanders cannot surpass the player's total level.


5. Equipment

Q: What does equipment do?

A: Each commander has an assigned units, and units can be equipped with 4 different items. After collecting the 4 required items, you will be able to upgrade to new unit equipment.


Q: Where can I get equipment?

A: Best way to get equipment items is by killing enemy's in Soldiers of the Reich. You can also produce them in your base or buy them in various shops.


Q: How can I upgrade Unit Equipment?

A: After equipping Commander Units with the required items, players can level up to the next equipment grade in order to boost unit stats.



6. Units
Q: How many different units are there in the game ?

A: Currently, there are 10 different units: Riflemen, Machine Gun, Sniper, Paratroopers, Bazooka, Mortar, AT Gun, Recon, Tank and Artillery.


Q: Can I change a commander’s unit?

A: No, Commander Units are set and cannot be altered.


7. Army Base

Q: How can I find my base?

A: The base will be open to players as soon as they begin playing the game.


Q: What can I do in my base?

A: The base can help you improve your army in countless ways: recruit commanders, produce items and resources, get supplies, buy rare items, etc.


Q: Can I change the position of buildings in my base?

A: Yes! A good base will not only produce tons of resources and supplies, it will also look beautiful and unique.

8. Alliance War

Q: How can I take part in an Alliance War

A: You need to be part of an Alliance if you want to join an Alliance War. Alliances between  ranks 1-2 needs its leaders to declare war on other alliances. Higher ranks have no such limitations.


Q: How can I win the battle as the offensive side?

A: Destroy the headquarters of the city defenders.


Q: How can I win a battle as the defending side?

A: The priority of the defending side is to protect its headquarters from destruction. If there has been no attack on the battlefield for 3 minutes, the defending team will win.


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