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Get hot new planes and tanks in Liberators!Rev those engines, Liberators!

In Liberators, marching out into the battlefield alongside the highest technology tanks and planes ensures your soldiers are in fit fighting shape!  Fighting vehicles not only give your troops mighty stat increases, they also boast unique skills that might just give you the killing edge over your opponent!

Keep your Tank Workshop pumping with three hot new tanks:

Multi-turreted, heavy and slow, nearly 500 German PzKpfw-VIB model tanks were produced. In Liberators, their skill “Martyrdom” activates after the deployed commander is killed, stunning the attacker and decreasing their defense.

The Soviet IS-2 tank was designed with thick armor, firing a high-explosive shell that was useful against entrenchments and bunkers. When the deployed Commander’s squad falls, “Sacrifice” rises! This skill silences the attacker and decreases their defense considerably.

M26 Pershing was a heavy tank of the United States Army, used in the final months of World War II and extensively during the Korean War. To the Commander who deploys this tank, its skill “National Glory” will prevent Morale reduction as well as decrease all damage taken from enemy attacks.

Last but not least, the La-5 Soviet fighter aircraft can be deployed from Air Supremacy!  One of the Soviet Air Force’s most capable warplanes, it was able to fight German designs on an equal footing. When it activates, it uses its skill “Safety Squad,” which gives all of your units an HP shield!

Nowhere else can you find some of the best action that online free games have to offer! Talent, passion, and history combine here to create one of the most engaging strategy war games on the web! Put your skills to the test today! 

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