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Liberators: Special Training CenterIntroducing the Special Training Center!  The hot new building in your base which has the express purpose of bringing your men and women to the top of their potential. There are two main areas to visit in the Special Training Center: Firearm Training and the Library.

First, you’ll want to hit Firearm Training.  Firearm training is a mini-game where you can shoot moving targets to gain rewards.  The items you’ll be acquiring include Library Vouchers, Library Tokens, and, if you’re lucky, books.  If you see a target that’s on fire, don’t miss it! There’s much higher chance you’ll get sweet rewards from it!  Remember, ammo is limited, so aim carefully.

Firearm training can only be done for free once per day.  After that, you’ll need to spend War Bonds to play.

Once training of arms is complete, make your way to the Library.  In the Library, you can have specific Commanders check out books that give special stat bonuses just to them! You may only check out books that you already have, but more books can be purchased with Library Tokens or won in Firearm training.

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