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Liberators:  Hans-Karl WittigTo your stations, Liberators!

As your army grows ever more powerful, you’re going to need the best of the best of all the men and women out there.  Commanders who are willing to do anything to ensure your victory, with their wisdom, knowledge, and bravery.  This is exactly why Axis Commander Hans-Karl Wittig is joining the battlefield!

A highly decorated lieutenant of the Fallschirmjägers, Wittig was awarded the Knight’s Cross of the Iron Cross for extreme battlefield bravery and excellent leadership.

Wittig doesn’t play around.  Controlling a squad of paratrooper units, he’s literally willing to throw himself out of a sky-high plane to take down his foes.  When he enacts his special skill, Fallschirmjägers, he will do some damage to himself firs, before then unleash a devastating attack on the three closest enemy units within two tiles.  Don’t worry – the self-sacrifice will be well worth the payoff!

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