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Learn your place, Liberators!Get rolling, Liberators!

A new day, a new Commander to keep you on your toes and keep your army looking sharp!  Erich Von Manstein, a highly divisive Axis Commander, enters one of the best free online games around, and he’s ready to crack the whip. 

An aristocratic field marshal of the Wehrmacht, Von Manstein commanded troops in the battles of Poland and France, as well as on the Eastern front. Despite some notable successes early on, he was dismissed by Hitler in March '44 due to countless disagreements over strategy.

Manstein doesn’t take any guff from anyone!  As long as he’s on the battlefield, you’ll notice a considerable decrease in damage taken from all enemy explosive units.  As a recon unit, you’ll find that Manstein is great at navigating the front lines of the battlefield while still dealing heavy damage to all of your foes.  When his Morale bar fills up, Manstein will unleash a devastating attack on one enemy – an attack with power that increases every time he takes damage in battle!

The greatest multiplayer army game of the year has just gotten a little hotter!  Play online for free today!

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