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Liberators FaceoffFight tooth and nail with your comrades!

Let loose the dogs of war, Liberators

When calamity strikes on the battlefield, sometimes a soldier will have nothing he can count upon besides his own brother. It is the faith that while he needs it most, his brother will be right there beside him, that pushes him forward. There is no greater asset on the battlefield than the friend who watches your back. On the battlefield, a friend will risk his life to make sure that the squad can complete the mission – alive, if at all possible. 

Raise a glass to toast camaraderie on the battlefield with us, as we implement an exciting new event: Faceoff! Fight alongside your friends for glory and prestige against all other players on all servers! 

On a rotation of several different exciting Liberators Championship that Liberators has to offer, expect Faceoff to join in soon! 

Faceoff is divided into several different phases, starting with Registration. Assemble a team of 5 players of at least level 45. Delegate a Team Captain, create a team name, and form the fiercest Battalion you all can possibly muster! You’re going to need all the B.R. you can get for this competition! 

Following registration is the Point Collection stage, where teams will be randomly assigned to compete against each other. There will be individual missions and team missions as a part of the competition, so make sure everyone is carrying their weight! Victories will result in Glory, which can be exchanged for sweet items in the Glory shop. The top teams will have the great honor of advancing to the Finals, where full teams will face off in spectacular battles involving several dozen Commanders! 

If you get knocked out early, don’t worry – you can still wager bets on which team you think will win it all. There are rewards for everyone who participates, even if you aren’t a high enough level to compete with the top dogs! 

The final victors will receive the ultimate title: The Valiant Champions! Do you have what it takes to climb the ranks and obliterate the competition? 

Whether you’re looking for excellent free war games or addicting free strategy games, Liberators is the best choice to take you straight to the World War II online battlefield! 

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