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Great new tanks and great new skills!Liberators, you’re not going to be saving the world anytime soon unless you’ve got several thousand tons of cold steel, charging towards your enemy, armed to the teeth with the most deadly explosive firepower that technology has to offer. That’s right, we’re talking tanks.  And what fun is a free online World War II game without massively powerful tanks?

Introducing the Steel Mill!  A great new addition to your base that allows you to mine raw materials, build tanks, and unleash fury on your foes!  Similar to the Control Tower, the Steel Mill has two primary features: the Mineral Ore Mine and the Tank Workshop

At the Mineral Ore Mine, you can participate in a mining mini-game where you acquire rare metals and Tank debris that can be used to build and upgrade new tanks!  Secure your own mine for yourself and mine all day for the best results.  If there’s not an ideal mining spot for you, feel free to seize the mine of another player – by force! The more you mine, the more access you’ll have to better mines and better rewards.

The Steel Mill will allow you to build and develop powerful tanks!  These tanks can be equipped to individual Commanders, boosting their stats and offering unique Commander Skills.  Build tanks from Tank Debris, and develop them with the items obtained from either the Mineral Ore Mine or special events.  Unlike the planes from Air Supremacy, tanks are equipped to one specific Commander at a time, so choose wisely.  

When it comes to war games, the Liberators battlefield brings the best free games online! Battle against the mightiest generals across the globe in the Number 1 browser game of the year!

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