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Retaliate with an air strike, Liberators! James Doolittle is stepping up, and he’s serious. With a very impressive military career ranging from stateside duty in World War I to air raids in World War II and the Cold War, Doolittle is a Commander that you don’t want to pass up.

An American aviation pioneer, Doolittle planned the first retaliatory air raid against Japan after Pearl Harbor. After conducting the very successful 'Doolittle Raid', he became commander of Allied Air Forces in Europe and cleared the skies of the final Luftwaffe opposition.

Doolittle commands a battalion of Artillery units, dealing heavy damage from far away. Doolittle’s Skill, appropriately called “Doolittle Raid” calls in an air raid to bring your opponents down to their knees. A fleet of planes are called in, dropping bombs on all enemies in the front lines. They each take a huge hit, and will take even more damage if their morale is low.

Control the tides of World War II with the free online game that reviewers are calling the best of the decade! Fire away, soldiers!

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