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Peace, LiberatorsWelcome Noor Inayat Khan to your army!  This Allied Special Operations Executive agent of American and Indian descendant is ready to join forces.  

The first female radio operator sent into occupied France to aid the resistance, Khan was an SOE agent born to a noble Indian family. Though a pacifist at heart, she was convinced that the Nazis had to be defeated and signed up to be an agent as soon as the war began. Betrayed by her friends, she was arrested, tortured, and executed after two escape attempts.

In Liberators, Khan leads a squad of Rifleman, so keep her in the front lines.  Her special skill, Pacifist’s Heart, reduces the damage taken from male opponent by a certain percentage.  This percentage increases more and more as you bring more female Commanders in to the fray with you!

Control the tides of World War II with the free online game that reviewers are calling the best of the decade!  Fire away, soldiers!

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