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Collect what you can, Liberators!Tactics, intelligence, and manpower are all vital to winning a war, but an army has nothing if they don’t have resources.  In Liberators, Generals need plenty of resources to keep their army in top fighting shape – Gold, Supplies, Oil, Propellers, even Chocolate are all vital to your success on the battlefield.  And an interesting thing about resources – the more you have, the more you tend to take in.

Introducing Resource Tycoon - A new Liberators event which rewards you for collecting resources!  Resource Tycoon keeps tab of the resources that you earn over a set period of time, and converts each resource into points.  Collecting points for individual resources will boost you up the Resource Tycoon rankings, and the players who collect the most of a certain resource will be rewarded greatly.

As you’re collecting resources, make sure to keep an eye on the Top Tycoon tab, which accumulates all of the points you earn for all resources, and offers some major rewards for the most dedicated of Liberators!  Prizes are given out daily, and on a per-event period basis, so while you can get big rewards for one particularly productive day, hard work over the entire event period will score you incredible rewards that you can't get anywhere else!  

Resource Tycoon is a cross-server event.  Make sure not to miss out on getting your rewards, because unlike other events, rewards will go invalid if not collected within the collection period – they will not be mailed to you.

Control the tides of World War II with the free online game that reviewers are calling the best of the decade!  Fire away, soldiers!

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