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Sometimes, it takes a woman’s touch!Don’t lose your head, Liberators!

Introducing Lyudmila Pavlichenko! Your army can always use more female units, and Pavlichenko is an Epic-level Commander waiting for you to recruit her.  

Pavlichenko, the Ukrainian sniper with 309 kills to her name, is regarded as the most successful female sniper of all time. A student when the war broke out, she was one of its earliest volunteers and asked to join the infantry. Refusing to become a nurse, she convinced all who doubted her with her impeccable shooting. 

In Liberators, Pavlichenko has a skill with an irresistible allure – Woman’s Touch.  Woman’s Touch deals major damage to all enemies, and even increases the damage output of your own units for a few turns.  

Control the tides of World War II with the free online game that reviewers are calling the best of the decade!  Fire away, soldiers!

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