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Let loose the Bazookas of War!
Watch your back, Liberators!

Introducing Friedrich Dollmann, the latest and greatest Commander who is eager to join the ranks of your army!  Little is known about Dollmann, because no biography about his life exists – only outlines and second hand accounts of his life remain.

A German general serving during the early phases of the D-Day invasion, Dollmann commanded the 7th army as the Battle of Normandy began. Trying to organize an immediate counter-attack during daytimes, his troops were hounded by Allied aircrafts. After the loss of Cherbourg, Hitler became enraged at Dollmann and had him relieved of command. 

In Liberators, Dollmann goes hard on his opponents from afar, commanding a squad of Bazooka units.  With his special ability, Stovepipe Maelstrom, Dollmann brings disaster all around, randomly attacking 7 different tiles, dealing massive damage to your enemies.  Stovepipe Maelstrom even has a slight chance to stun your opponents!

Control the tides of World War II with the free online game that reviewers are calling the best of the decade!  Fire away, soldiers!

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