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Happy Holidays, Liberators! 

While the men were all out at war, women and children stayed at home to open presents and light the yuletide fire. To celebrate the holidays coming up this month, here are a few interesting Christmas facts from World War II!

- As World War II raged on, America was faced with less manpower to cut down Christmas trees, and a shortage of railroad space to send trees to the market. Thus, Americans began the tradition of using American-made Visca artificial trees! 

- A famous tradition in Norway is the delivery of a huge Christmas tree to the UK every year, as a present to say ‘thank you’ for the UK’s help during World War II. The tree stands in Trafalgar Square in London, where thousands of people come to watch the glorious lights! 

- Electric bubble lights became popular in America during the 1940s and are still used today! 

- At midnight on Christmas eve, 1942, the sky over Stalingrad was lit up by thousands of colorful flares fired by trapped soldiers. This amazing sight was in celebration of the Christmas season, and it lasted for many minutes. In the face of increasing despair Christmas was sometimes celebrated with the sort of true peace, understanding and acceptance that only those on the brink could feel. 

- Fewer men at home resulted in fewer men able to play Santa Claus – and women were taking on the roles of across US department stores! 

- Belgian children donated their own toys to British children who were short of playthings for Christmas in Belgium, 1944. Most of the Belgian children combed through attics and cupboards, unearthing toys that had not seen the light since before the Germans came. 

- “I’ll Be Home for Christmas” and “White Christmas” are two famous Christmas songs today that were created for a war-weary 1940s America. 

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